• What is JobHeroPH?
  • Why JobHeroPH?
    • We are making online job hunting painless, free from busy design, traps and full of unrelated ads. The goal is to make an easy to use interface to help you find your next job or your next recruit with ease.
  • Pricing
    • Its FREE, and will always be!
  • How to update my email?
    1. Login to your jobhero.ph account.
    2. Click the option icon () top right of the header.
    3. In the "Account option" section click update email.
    4. Change the email address then click, save/update email button.


  • How to apply for a job?
    • Appying for a job is super easy!

      1. To get started, you need to create an account (its FREE, btw). To create an account as a jobseeker simply fill up this short form. (your account will contain your information, job experiences and / or expertise, for employers' short evaluation.)
      2. Now that you created your account, simply use our job search page to find a great job.
      3. Once you found a job that interests you, click the "apply" b utton at the bottom of the page and an email will be automatically send to the employer email together with a link to your resume.

      Note: Before applying for a job make sure you have completed your online resume and submitted your current email address.

  • How to make my online resume private?
    1. Login to your jobhero.ph account.
    2. Click the option icon () top right of the header.
    3. In the "Other options" section see visibility section then click "No".


  • Why do I need to complete my employer profile?
    • There are several reason why you should complete your employer profile. (1) First, you can attract more jobseekers with a complete and professional looking profile. (2) Second is to protect our members from bogus employers, we only display contact information to those employers who completed their profile. Completing your employer profile is FREE, you just need to provide more information about your company like company name, telephone number, ect.