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Job description:

Social Media Trainee Responsibilities:

~ Creating written pieces that are sharp, memorable, and effective at prompting readers to take action.

~ Collaborating with Videographers and Multimedia Designers to ensure that posts are engaging.

~ Optimizing content for publication across various social media sites.

~ Scheduling copy/posts for release at optimal times.

~ Scheduling and optimizing ad campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok.

~ Familiar with latest social media trend.

~ Monitoring users' engagement with and feedback on every post.

~ Analyzing and reporting on the effects of publications.

~ Maintaining a secure database of all login credentials.

~ Remaining abreast of changes to all pertinent social media applications.

~ Exploring the potential value of social media sites that are not yet in our repertoire.

Social Media Executive Requirements:

~ Degree/Diploma in marketing, communication studies, journalism, creative writing, or similar.

~ Creative mindset.

~ Prior experience with marketing or social media.

~ Organized and Detail-oriented.

~ Knowledge of all leading social media sites, including their algorithms.

~ Firm grasp of Metasuites and its integrations.

~ In-depth understanding of the processes surrounding the creation and distribution of paid advertisements.

~ Ability to create authoritative and persuasive texts.

~ Flexible and engaging writing style.

~ Knowledge of pertinent engagement metrics.

~ Appreciation for novel insights and ideas.

~ Willingness to work occasional overtime to accommodate various time zones.


~ Remote, work from home

~ Tamperproof Certificate of Completion

~ Full time job opportunity for top performer

~ Completion Bonus

Min. Qualification:Some college, Online content creation, social media, social media advertising
Shift:Varying shift
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