Purchasing Team Leader In Santa Cruz Manila Upto 30k

9 months ago
Type::Full time
Salary:P25,001 - 30,000
Job description:

Purchasing Team Leader in Santa Cruz Manila upto 30k


Preferably with a Bachelor's degree related to field of industry

Proven 1-3 experience as a purchasing assistant, inventory coordinator, or a similar role is highly desirable.

Previous experience in managing inventory, procurement processes, and working with suppliers is advantageous.

Technical Skills:

A Purchasing Assistant should be tech-savvy and proficient in using various software applications and tools.

Knowledge of inventory management systems and e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, is beneficial. The ability to quickly learn and adapt to new technology and software is crucial.

Inventory Management:

Strong knowledge of inventory management principles and practices is necessary.

The Purchasing Assistant should be skilled in monitoring stock levels, conducting stock counts, reconciling inventory discrepancies, and maintaining accurate records.

Procurement Process:

Familiarity with procurement processes, including sourcing, purchasing, and vendor management, is essential.

Understanding how to negotiate terms, evaluate supplier performance, and maintain positive relationships with vendors is important.

Attention to Detail:

A keen eye for detail is crucial in maintaining accurate inventory records, creating product listings, and ensuring consistency in product information across different platforms.

Attention to detail is also necessary in analyzing data and identifying potential issues or cost-saving opportunities.

Communication Skills:

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are required to collaborate effectively with suppliers, team members, and other departments.

The ability to clearly communicate information, resolve product-related issues, and handle customer inquiries is vital.

Organizational Skills:

Strong organizational and time management skills are necessary to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and maintain efficient purchasing operations.

The Purchasing Assistant should be able to handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously and work in a fast-paced environment.

Analytical Abilities:

The role of a Purchasing Assistant often involves data analysis and decision-making.

Strong analytical skills are required to analyze inventory trends, evaluate supplier performance, and make informed purchasing decisions.

Problem-solving Skills:

The ability to identify and solve problems efficiently is important in the purchasing role.

The Purchasing Assistant should be proactive in addressing issues related to inventory management, procurement, and product listings.


Collaborative and teamwork skills are essential for working effectively with cross-functional teams, such as the marketing and operations departments.

The Purchasing Assistant should be able to communicate and coordinate with team members to achieve common goals


As technology and systems evolve, the Purchasing Assistant should be adaptable and open to learning new tools and software.

Flexibility in handling changing priorities and embracing process improvements is crucial.


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Min. Qualification:College graduate, Purchasing Team Leader
Shift:Day shift
How to apply:
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