Mass Hiring Call Center Agents

6 months ago
Category:Call Center
Type::Full time
Salary:P25,001 - 30,000
Location:Quezon City
Job description:

Receiving and handling customer inquiries: Call center agents are responsible for answering incoming calls, addressing customer questions, resolving issues, and providing information about products, services, or company policies.

Customer support and problem-solving: Agents assist customers in resolving their problems or concerns by providing step-by-step guidance, troubleshooting technical issues, or offering solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.

Order processing and tracking: Call center agents often process customer orders, including taking product orders, verifying information, and updating customer records. They may also track shipments, provide order status updates, and handle returns or exchanges.

Min. Qualification:College graduate, Good communication skills
Shift:Day shift
How to apply:
To apply please answer this link form:
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