6 months ago
Type::Full time
Salary:P15,001 - 20,000
Job description:


Responsible for the maintenance of accurate/updated subsidiary ledgers of car loan, housing loan, clean loan and collateral loan. Prepares annual, quarterly and monthly reports for the mentioned loans for submission to Insurance Commission, External Auditor, IMS/SSD/PSO, Finance and Legal Department. Accounting and monitoring of DEPED commissions and service fees. Processing and releasing of PDF and FBR commissions. Processing and releasing of Support Fund Tax Reimbursement (PSO). Accounting, Recording and monitoring commission fund replenishments of various branches (TRAD accounts) and other related accounts. Validation of Credits for PSO Managers & Traditional Agents. Accounting and Recording La Loma Columbary Commissions.


> College degree holder preferably major in Accounting

>Knowledge of Bookkeeping and analysis of accounting transactions

>With knowledge in spreadsheet and word processor/software

>Good communication skills - verbal and written

>Preferably with knowledge in compensation of sales force but not required

Min. Qualification:College graduate
Shift:Day shift
How to apply:
Send your CV/ Resume to [email protected]
Posted by:United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation
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