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4 months ago
Type::Full time
Location:Overseas Abroad
Job description:

My name is James Spencer, I'm 51 years old single parent, I lost my wife 8 months ago in the motor Accident when she was coming home from the office, life haven't been the same ever since. We have two kids, Michael is 5years old and Alicia will be 4 years old by June. My mother has been the one taking care of Michael and Alicia where she resides, unfortunately because of her current state of health she cannot be able to take care of my kids, she is going on a chemo therapy which will take a long while before hopefully full recovery and be physically capable of taking care of the kids, that's why i need a Nanny/Caregiver between these periods of at least 16 months with possibility of extending the contract. I will prefer you will be a live-in nanny as this enables the kids to feel more at ease knowing you are there during their wake up and going to bed. I would like you to work from Monday - Friday either in the mornings or evenings. In the Mornings From 8.30 am- 6 pm or in the evenings from 6 till 10. Weekends are optional so if you choose to work on Weekends you are to start by 10 am till 5pmz this is should you choose to not be our live-in nanny. I am willing to offer salary amount of 2,400 British Pounds every month, Food and Accommodation as well. And also i will put my effort to make sure that the legal travel documents will be secured.

Please answer all the questions below so i can have a brief idea of your personality:

1) What academic qualifications do you possess?

2) Do you have any relevant certificate to back up your Nanny/Caregiver?

3) How old are you?

4) Are you married?

5) Do you have kids?

6) Do you have any special attitude(s)?

7) Do you have any crime records?

8) Tell us more about your temperament.

9) Can we have one or two reference(s) from you?

10) Is your husband/boyfriend/parent in support of you doing this job?

You can as well attach your qualifications to your reply mail. I will be looking forward to your response.

Warm Regards,

James Spencer

Min. Qualification:High School
Shift:Varying shift
How to apply:
Respond directly to my email for quicker response.
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