Linguistic Project For English Speakers

4 months ago
Category:Information Technology
Type::Part time
Job description:

This project involves source research for a list of terms in US English, the grammatical expansion of those terms (morphological variants), the categorization of each variant with respect to identity (i.e., does or can the word refer to people and, if so, does it refer to ethnicity, sexual orientation, political opinion, etc.) and connotation judgments for each word (i.e., whether or not the word has or can have a pejorative connotation).

The purpose of this project is to help identify hate speech online. In addition to the main project, we are collecting in-group judgments for specific identity groups to ensure the data is inclusive and unbiased.


A native speaker of US English

A degree in linguistics or translation.

Min. Qualification:Post graduate degree
Shift:Varying shift
How to apply:
Please follow the steps below on how to apply for the project: 1. Visit the Appen website using the link below: 2. Choose English (USA) as your primary language.
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