Senior Visual Designer

1 month ago
Category:Information Technology
Type::Full time
Salary:P60,001 - 70,000
Job description:


1. Independently responsible for completing the company's marketing banner, operation activity landing page, H5 and offline material design

2. Independently complete the company's new project brand logo design, IP extension and VIS system establishment

3. Responsible for the related design of the group's internal brand to meet the internal needs of the company's brand, operation, and administration


1. With more than 3-5 years of work experience, with professional background related to advertising creative marketing and graphic design.

2. Have strong visual performance ability and techniques, and be able to produce creative and visual impact designs. In particular, it is provided for web event topics, online and offline posters, marketing advertising banner works and project displays.

3. Excellent plane skills and image processing ability, proficient in image synthesis, retouching, font design and other skills. Design works have their own style characteristics and details.

4. Have the ability to produce creative strategies, can design according to business and content, rather than creative art design for pure creativity.

5. Have a complete brand planning and execution experience, especially mature experience in brand logo design and VIS system implementation.

6. Familiar with and understand 3D modeling software, being able to independently perform modeling and rendering as a bonus item.

7. Experience in 4A advertising company, interactive media, and Internet game industry is preferred.

Min. Qualification:College graduate
Shift:Varying shift
How to apply:
Kindly send your CV to: [email protected]
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