Data Annotator In Pasig 20k To 25k

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Category:Computer and Electronics
Type::Full time
Salary:P20,001 - 25,000
Job description:

Data Annotator in Pasig 20k to 25k

Night shift

Headcount: 10

To help identify patterns and improve accessibility to content by topic. Annotation is also something added to computer code that can help explain the reasoning behind the processes programmers chose to use for that software. Data annotators spend their time reviewing the material they work with. They may have to scrutinize this material closely to ensure that it is accurately and thoroughly tagged.

Responsible in categorizing content particularly Document text

Responsible in assessing the content and then attach tags to the documents text/content.

Responsible in reviewing text within the documents and make meaning out of it.

Part of the responsibility is to label text within the documents with accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Responsible in scrutinize data in a form of words/TEXT (but can sometimes in the form of images, and short video clips) and ensuring that it has been accurately and thoroughly categorized.

Reviewing material on computers and using computers to categorize content


Data annotators need to have strong computer skills.

Data annotators also need good organizational skills.

Attention to detail is important Annotating, categorizing, and checking quality of annotated data including text.

Required Job Skills:

Ability to meet deadlines, communication skills, self-motivated. Data entry accuracy skills, Advanced Microsoft Excel skills.

Passionate and curious about technology

Detail-oriented and patient.

Communicate clearly using excellent written and verbal skills.

Able to work in a fast-paced environment, learn quickly and be able to prioritize assignments.

Available to work night shift.

Able to maintain sharp focus, even with repetitive tasks.

Ability to understand the spirit of an annotation tasks based on guidelines, examples, and counterexamples.

Advanced knowledge in Microsoft Excel.

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Min. Qualification:College graduate, Data Annotator
Shift:Varying shift
How to apply:
Please send your resume to [email protected]
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