Talented Devops Supervisor For Supply Chain Systems Work From Home

10 months ago
Category:Information Technology
Type::Full time
Job description:

We are looking for a highly intelligent, full time IT professional. This job is varied and interesting you will be part of a global team developing, implementing and supporting world-class optimization tools used by some of the worlds best run companies. Our 30-year-old company seeks a generalist...somebody who can take on a variety of tasks. Keeping our infrastructure running while providing technical and customer support won't keep you fully busy...our software and infrastructure is that good. So we'd like someone who can also work on a number of research and development projects as well.

Our systems are state-of-the art so require a high level of understanding. Getting a new hire up to speed normally takes more than 6 months, so we want somebody who will stay with our company for a long time. To make sure this happens we provide great salaries, excellent training and a varied and flexible work environment with limited weekend or evening work and great opportunities to boost income.

A computer science degree is desirable and experience in a number of areas will make you shine. Desired capabilities (No one will have them all):

Supply chain experience (e.g. WMS, TMS, ERP)

MS Azure

C++ / C# / Java




Tech support


Perfect written and spoken English

A college degree

A private space to work at home (i.e. you need to be able to concentrate)

High speed internet and working computer to use well probably upgrade you after a probation period

To apply please: Indicate which of the desired capabilities (above) you have and send this and your resume to [Login to view email address]

Person would work 8 hours per day, 40 hours/week, Monday Friday. But may be asked to work over weekends with additional salary to cover customer support.

This is remote work, so candidate needs to have a place where work can be done. Were planning that candidate will use his own computer in first few months, when he prove that hes right person to stay with company hell get computer from T|WO.

I would like candidate to fill up test on initial recruitment call, which I will share.

We need your help to find the best way how person should be hired from legal perspective according to Philippine law and regulations.

Who we are looking for:

-Good English

-Good communication skills

-Sense of humor

-Ability to work alone, without full control and supervising

-Delivering tasks and projects on time

-Willing to learn

-We do not plan this person to be travelling, but depending on her future role in a company and level of knowledge, he/she may become member of team that is supporting on-site implementation of our products all over the world.

Min. Qualification:College graduate
Shift:Mid shift
How to apply:
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