Mobile Device Application Developer (xamarin)

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Mobile Device Application Developer (Xamarin)

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One of our fastest growing client in Australia working with Pharmaceutical companies is in need of 5 Mobile Device Application Developers (Xamarin). This is your chance to be part of a very promising client.

Your role is to contribute to the delivery of a cross-platform mobile application built on the

Xamarin platform to run on iOS, Android and Windows phone (UWP) devices,

using modern approaches to code-sharing and reuse. Work within a small team to

developing shared logic and native views as required by the application design.

Job Description

Deliver tested components in accordance with the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) pattern to maximise reliability and potential for code reuse

Develop user interface views for required screens using native platform methods such as .xibs, AXML and XAML

Develop view models to support required views

Abstract platform-specific services as required (e.g. GPS, phone, notifications, local storage) for use from shared code

Develop components that authenticate and communicate with external OAuth2 APIs

Implement client-side registration for in-app notifications and reminders

Apply idiomatic .NET and C# features, techniques and patterns - such as LINQ, async/await, generics and portable class libraries - to deliver efficient and maintainable code.


Cross-platform development using Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms and/or UWP

Knowledge of native mobile platform considerations, including UI frameworks, application lifecycle and OS restrictions

Application of the MVVM design pattern and abstraction of platform- specific services in cross-platform projects

Integration with authenticated APIs

Persistence and offline synchronisation

Integration of in-app notification capabilities into iOS, Android and UWP apps

Unit testing of cross-platform Xamarin applications

Use of Xamarin bindings projects and Objective Sharpie

Development using Visual Studio and/or Xamarin Studio

Distributed source control management.

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Min. Qualification:College graduate, Xamarin
Shift:Day shift
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