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Industry : BPO
Address : 4F San Diego Bldg 462 Carlos Palanca St. Palanca St Quiapo Manila Manila
Phone : 09175719624, 7371110 / 7371136
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Pilipinas Teleserv put itself on the map in the year 2000 when the contact center launched, a novel solution to the Philippine government's problem of facilitating requests for public documents. This innovation boosted the productivity of the National Statistics Office (NSO) by presenting a reliable alternative for processing requests, almost entirely eliminating the previous need to be physically present at the NSO just to make a request. The success of this project opened many doors for Pilipinas Teleserv to serve the Philippine government by providing efficient ways to interact with its citizens. Today, Pilipinas Teleserv boasts an accomplished array of government projects, providing an extensive variety of services from appointment systems, inquiries and claims facilitation, and projects that promote civic engagement and vigilance.

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Customer Care Officer - Local Health Care Account 4 days ago
Manila - Call Center - (10,000 - 15,000)