List of Philippine holidays for 2016

Here is the list of nationwide holidays for the year 2016.

Date Details
January 1 (Friday) New Year's Day Regular holiday
January 2 (Saturday) - Additional special non-working day
February 8 (Monday) Chinese New Year Special non-working day
February 25 (Thursday) EDSA People Power Revolution Special non-working day
March 24 Maundy Thursday Regular holiday
March 25 Good Friday Regular holiday
March 26 Black Saturday Special non-working day
April 9 (Saturday) Araw ng Kagitingan Regular holiday
May 1 (Sunday) Labor Day Regular holiday
June 12 (Sunday) Independence Day Regular holiday
August 21 (Sunday) Ninoy Aquino Day Special non-working day
August 29 (Monday) National Heroes Day Regular holiday
October 31 (Monday) - Additional special non-working day
November 1 (Tuesday) All Saints day Special non-working day
November 30 (Wednesday) Bonifacio Day Regular holiday
December 24 (Saturday) - Additional special non-working day
December 25 (Sunday) Christmas Day Regular holiday
December 30 (Friday) Rizal Day Regular holiday
December 31 (Saturday) - Additional special non-working day